At Both Jewellery Studio we always make sure to design original jewellery inspired by images found in nature and the city. The earth element and the geometric one alternate in order to achieve both harmony in the aesthetic effect and balance in the appearance as well as the mood of our audience.

While our two designers have different approaches to jewellery design, their ideals go hand in hand. By serving modern design with simplicity, honesty and sustainable practices for the environment, we try to get closer to the recipient of our work, the human.

Our new collection, through the plasticity of its elements, highlights the simplicity and asymmetry of nature. Exhaling the feeling of malleability and creating in hard metal the friendly feeling of soft clay, it was called “plaθω”.

The metal in this collection is accompanied by a selection of materials and innovative techniques, characteristic element of the work of George Giannoutsos, lending earth tones of colours and textures to the final result. Sometimes the terrazzo as a miniature mosaic floor is “filled” with silver elements which remind us of forest seeds and sometimes fragments of semi-precious stones give their original colours and a special texture accompanying hammered elements that look like twigs.

Jewellery with minimal aesthetic and a strong organic feeling, manage to transport us to our natural environment.

Discover the entire “plaθω” collection by clicking the link below: