At Both Jewellery Studio we create your jewellery with loving care.


We use traditional silver- and goldsmithing methods and materials (metals, stones, plating) and combine them with media borrowed from other art practices such as architecture or sculpture and methods that we ourselves have developed for incorporating these into jewellery-making. The end result of this process, whose success is embodied in the thousands of pieces we have produced over the years, meets all the requirements that a piece of jewellery is expected to meet (fit, weight, resistance to wear).


Gold plating

Gold plating is the application of a thin layer of gold on the surface of another metal by means of electrolysis. Although Both Jewellery Studio uses the most durable version of gold plating (double gold plating), the layer of gold deposited is only 0.01mm thick. In reality, this means that it is quite vulnerable to a number of factors such as rubbing, alcohol and various chemical substances, intense light and smog, which result in tarnishing. Although unavoidable, this kind of wear can be delayed with the proper care.  


Metal oxidation

With time, all metals become oxidised to a greater or lesser extent. A chemical reaction occurs on the surface of the metal when oxygen or other atmospheric compounds are present, creating oxides that we perceive as ‘rust’. Gold and stainless steel are resistant to this process, while metals like iron, copper or bronze are much more vulnerable to it. Silver develops a tarnish, which we sometimes deliberately cause on the surface of the metal by means of chemical treatment. Many find this transformation of the metal appealing, as it creates a natural patina which proves that a metal is a living organism subject to change over time.

Below you will find tips on how to care for your jewellery so that they keep in good condition for a long time.

Give your jewellery the care it deserves

The pieces that we create at Both Jewellery Studio may not always be made with precious materials, but in the eyes of their owners they hold a special aesthetic and emotional value.

Here are some practical tips on how to care for them so as to delay oxidation and tarnishing:

  • When not wearing your jewellery, store it in its original packaging or a box in order to protect it from being knocked against other surfaces, as well as from contact with light and air.
  • Put on your jewellery after you have applied products such as perfume or lotion on the skin or have used hair spray etc
  • Remove your jewellery when washing your hands with soap, taking a bath or doing the dishes. Do the same when working out, swimming or sleeping.


How to remedy jewellery wear at home

Cleaning your jewellery with a thick baking soda paste rubbed on with a soft toothbrush removes stains and mild oxidation and revives its surface. For a more effective treatment of oxidised surfaces, you can purchase special chemical products used to clean silverware. (Do not use these products on gold plated jewellery as they damage the plating.)


Don’t worry, you can count on us!

If you own pieces from our collections which have suffered damages, we will repair them and return them to you in mint condition.