The natural world is a source of inspiration for us. Through our lifestyle and work we take care to be as close to it as possible, while inflicting the least possible harm on it, although living in the city does not make this easy.

We believe that though our particular environmental footprint is only a small one, especially compared to that of the industrial world, our responsibility is great. If we all make a concerted effort through our habits, the choices we make daily and the example we set for others, we can remedy the great damage we have caused the planet and render it sustainable. 

Protecting the environment is one of the basic criteria driving our choices of materials and methods. Despite the fact that having a zero footprint while living and working in the city is nearly impossible, we are constantly alert to finding sustainable alternatives.

On a first level our materials are:

  • recycled – when given the choice, the silver we use is 100% recycled
  • recyclable – just like our packaging 
  • natural – the metals, stones and mineral powder we use to make our terrazzo (the technique itself is based on sustainable practices; read here for more information) are materials sourced in nature, whose processing before they even come to us has a very low impact on the environment
  • industrial (or other) waste – like the acrylic glass used in our jewellery

On a second level, reusing materials and objects is both standard practice for us and an expression of one of our most dearly held values. We make a point of building a repository of materials, on a daily basis, which we draw upon for our work. For example, the items used to decorate our shop window are the result of remodeling found shop window décor. Even a piece of plastic packaging may be reused many times over and for different purposes before it finds its way into the recycling bin, which in fact makes for the third level of our sustainability practices. 

Broadly speaking, we oppose the idea of waste both in terms of energy and materials (as far as the latter are concerned, we only buy the quantities that we absolutely need for our work). Moreover, our jewellery is for the most part handmade. 

Finally, we cycle and use the metro to commute since we have the good fortune of working in such a beautiful part of Athens, right next to the Acropolis metro station 😊